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An Interview with Catherine Steiner-Adair and JoAnn Deak, gcLi Institute Scholars

It’s not often that classroom teachers get to spend not just hours—but whole, successive days—unfolding with Masters of Psychology and Pedagogy. And not just in the lecture hall but in settings that are up close and personal. It’s an ideal learning environment and a stunning opportunity that now presents itself to attendees of gcLi’s Leadership Lab. For the gcLi has on its resident faculty two world-recognized experts on teaching and learning, psychology and leadership. Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair, a Research Associate at Harvard Medical School, and...


Leadership Check-Up: How’s the Health of Your Leadership Culture?

In this season of back-to-school check lists, parents often place at the top “schedule physical,” as a reminder for the essential, annual process of formally evaluating their child’s health. As I walked out of our pediatrician’s office this summer, my seven-year-old asked why her school needed “proof” she was healthy. I shared with her that taking care of our bodies and practicing healthy habits means that we can to be ready to learn and grow. But, if there is something our body is telling us...


“Why Won’t They Simply Do What I Tell Them to?” And Other Questions I Have about Teaching Leadership

Jeremy LaCasse, Assistant Head of School, Taft School

How often have we seen situations in schools where the outcome of an activity seems more important than the process? Take the yearbook for example: how many yearbooks—ostensibly student created publications—are being produced by the faculty? How many dances, how many newspapers, how many events, which could or should easil...


Student Leadership in Action: From Community Engagement to Community Builders

Ryan Hoglund, Director of Ethical Education, Rowland Hall

While community engagement is an important component of the Rowland Hall curriculum, in junior year, the opportunity to distinguish oneself as a community builder is possible. Rowland Hall juniors identify and research a global, local, or internal issue they feel strongly about, then volunteer for an organization associated with their topic. Dubbed Project 11, this experience entails more than clocking service hours. Rowland Hall supports juniors by providing the resources to design and implement a solution. Faculty designed...


Mindfulness Training and the Development of Healthy Leaders

Ted Fish, PhD, Executive Director, Gardner Carney Leadership Institute

If you’ve ever seen Dr. JoAnn Deak, Founding Institute Scholar of the gcLi, present about the brain, then you know that she has one of the most impressive collections of rubber bands on the planet. They are thick and thin; short and long; yellow, red, blue, and brown. They squiggle in three heaping bags. And they convey one of the central tenets of the pedagogy of leadership, a neurological principle that—if understood—is sufficient to revolutionize...


Embedding Transformational Leadership on Campus

Denise Power, Director of Student Life, Branksome Hall, Toronto

What is your leadership style? Four years ago, I found myself asking this question to a group of students. One responded, “I don’t know what type of leader I am, because I have never had a leadership role.” It was in that moment that I realized I needed to not only change the question, but expand our students’ perspective on leadership. Fast forward to 2014 when Branksome Hall launched their new Strategy which included...


Inspiring Leadership: Building a Program to Last

Ryan Jordan, Upper Division Director, Berkeley Preparatory School, Tampa, Florida

As a nationally recognized school with over 1,400 students in K-12, it not only has a strong, diverse student body but also a culture of student involvement across the three divisions. Without question, it is tangible as soon as you walk on campus. The school has an expectation of excellence and a growth-mindset that is spearheaded by Head of School Joseph Seivold. I quickly recognized I could be a part of something special here as an...

gcLibrary: Leadership Book Review

Mia Franz, English Teacher, Tampa Preparatory School

From acclaimed psychologist and author Leonard Sax comes a sobering look at how changes in the family unit have created a “culture of disrespect” that is affecting not only the way students view and respond to education, but how they define happiness and meaning in their lives. Many American adults can pinpoint specific problems that plague our education system, including the rise of anxiety and fragility in our students and the fact that many proposed “solutions” involve medication. We...

Calvert School Leadership Initiatives

Introducing gcLi Quarterly

Ted Fish, PhD, Executive Director, Gardner Carney Leadership Institute

Welcome to the first installment of gcLi Quarterly. The story of how this arose is a reflection of its vision. Jay Parker LL ’11 initiated the idea when he told me about some of the exciting leadership initiatives he was building at Calvert School and with the Association of Independent Schools of Maryland (AIMS) community. One of these was the creation of a newsletter. “A newsletter?” I said. “I’ve been thinking it was time to expand ours.”...

nurtuting quiet leaders

Nurturing Quiet Leaders

Heidi Kasevich, PhD, gcLi Scholar ‘15, Director of Quiet Education, Quiet Revolution

Surrounded as we are by alpha, bold, and gregarious leaders, it is all too easy to impose a one-size-fits-all ideal on today’s students. Yet we risk alienating half of our student body—and possibly losing out on enormous benefits to social good—if we embrace a narrow view of what it means to be a successful leader in our schools. Temperament-inclusive leadership education begins with a broad definition of leadership itself. Presence, passion, and compassion form...