“The cohort format of the program was invaluable…”
– Lisa S. Scholarship Recipient

“The gcLi scholarship changed my life…working with Professor Ball and his team of experts was wholly transformational.”
– Kate W. Scholarship Recipient

The GARDNER CARNEY LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE (gcLi) is proud to announce the gcLi Scholarship to the School Leadership Program at The University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. It is a privilege to announce this $20,000 award again this year–open once more to graduates of the gcLi Leadership Lab.


The School Leadership Program is directed by Dr. Earl Ball – a leader in independent school education for over 30 years and a friend to the gcLi – and this program has become distinguished throughout the country for its innovative design and transformative impact. The program features cohort training, intensive mentorship and ongoing learning. Students become a part of a network, with each invested in the other’s success. Seasoned mentors, outstanding in their fields, work with the candidates to learn how to conduct research – all the while using scientific and critical thinking to become strong and successful practitioners.


We encourage you to apply for the gcLi Scholarship at PennGSE!


Please visit PennGSE’s website to learn more about this unique and diverse program: http://www2.gse.upenn.edu/slp/about


If you are a graduate of the gcLi Leadership Lab or will graduate in 2018 and would like to apply, please visit http://www.gse.upenn.edu/admissions_financial/howtoapply


Interested candidates should apply to the School Leadership Program by Jan 31, 2018 and then submit a statement of educational intent in pedagogy of leadership to scholarship@gclileadership.org