THE GARDNER CARNEY LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE (gcLi) stands firmly upon the belief that teachers can make students better leaders. It’s as simple, and as powerful, as that. We believe that students encounter opportunities to demonstrate leadership every day — and every day teachers can recognize these moments and capitalize on them.


Indeed, in today’s small and super-connected world, the need for skilled leadership is more critical than ever. Thus the gcLi believes that leadership is a life skill that should be considered central to education. It is a practice whose essential elements can be understood, articulated, and learned.


To that end the gcLi combines brain science, leadership studies and development psychology as the founding components of a new field called The Pedagogy of Leadership.




The Gardner Carney Leadership Institute was founded to initiate a new field: the pedagogy of leadership. By combining brain science, leadership studies and developmental psychology, the gcLi builds the capacity of K-12 teachers to systematically guide their students to be leaders.